Antique British Pewter

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U2 U2. Pewter Item, Three pieces (lid, center piece and bottom). Marks of W&H on top piece; NO 37 and "Rd" in a diamond on the bottom piece. 4 5/8" in diameter;
5 3/8" high
U3 U3. Pewter Item, Hinged case. No marks. 3 3/8" in length;
2 3/8" in width
U4 U4. Pewter Flask, No marks. 6 3/8" in length;
2 3/4" in width
U5 U5. J Ingram? Pewter Case, Marked with Cotterell mark #5725 and engraved "Thomas Bowyer" on top. Slight crack on an edge. 4 5/8" in length;
3 3/8" in width

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