Wm B Durgin English Rose Gorham Cambridge
Sterling Silver Price
Size $/piece Condition Hallmark
Place setting pieces
1 Salad/dessert fork 6 1/4 29.00 VG Alvin
1 Teaspoon 5 3/4 16.00 VG Alvin
Other setting pieces
6 Cocktail fork 5 1/2 23.50 VG Alvin
Serving pieces
1 FH butter serving knife 6 1/2 42.50 VG Alvin
1 Cream sauce ladle 5 3/8 39.00 VG Gorham
1 Beef fork  6 3/4 39.00 VG Gorham
1 Cold meat fork 7 1/4 48.50 VG Alvin
1 Jelly server 6 34.00 VG Alvin
Gorham Cambridge
In 1928 Gorham purchased Alvin, and
renamed the Alvin English Rose pattern Cambridge by Gorham.
English Rose by Wm B Durgin
In 1924 Gorham acquired William B. Durgin Co.
and in 1955 re-introduced the Alvin English Rose pattern
as English Rose by Wm B. Durgin.
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