Kirk Repousse
Sterling Silver Price
Size $/piece Condition K_Rep_var FHBS0
Place setting pieces
1 Knife (New French blade) 9 19.00 VG
5 Ice tea spoon 7 1/2 27.50 NIP
7 Cocktail fork (7/8" tine) 5 1/4 24.00 NIP
Serving pieces
1 Butter pick 6 1/8 29.50 VG
5 Cream/sauce ladle (round bowl) 5 1/2 29.50 NIP
1 Cream/sauce ladle (round bowl) 5 1/2 22.00 VG
1 Ice cream serving knife (wide blade) 10 7/8 49.50 VG
1 Ice cream serving knife 10 1/2 45.00 NIP
1 Ice cream serving knife 10 1/2 42.50 VG
1 Lettuce fork 8 7/8 42.50 VG
Specialty items
4 Infant feeding spoon 5 3/4 62.00 NIP
NIP = New In Plastic wrappers
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In Kirk Repousse, the S. Kirk & Son Company used a different
die for each piece so there are differences in the pieces. However,
there also can be significant differences each individual place and 
serving piece depending upon when the piece was made. This is
a result of cutting new dies when the old ones wore out. Therefore,
a tea spoon made c.1895  would look different from one made
c. 1925, which would also differ from one made c.1940 or c.1960.