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Japanese Netsukes

Netsukes have been popular for centuries - showcasing a great degree of artistic skills.
The sculptures developed from a practical purpose to one of high art over the years.
You will notice the holes for hanging them from the traditional Obi,
serving the functional purpose of keeping personal belongings attached to the sash,
and also as a fashion statement.
Modern reproductions can and are made using a plethora of carving tools and methods
- but the degree of craftsmanship is due to the artist

Item JN0                             $500
BOXWOOD Mokugyo with two dragon heads holding sacred jewel.


Item JN1                                $250
PORCELAIN Sitting Hotei - HIRADO circa 1800.


Item JN2                             $150
HORN Old Man holding bag - circa 1870.


Item JN3                                $450
IVORY Daruma - TOMOICHI 19th century


Item JN4                                $750
IVORY Woman washing wih child - KOGYOKU 19th century.


Item JN5                             $325
IVORY Monkey - TAHRA 19th century.


Item JN6                                $600
EBONY Shuraku - KIKUGAWA SCHOOL circa 1860.


Item JN7                                $586
IVORY Cat with ball of yarn - YUKIMASA 19th century.


Item JN8                                $375
BOXWOOD Manju - circa 1870.


Item JN9                                $375
BOXWOOD Man - circa 1890.


Item JN11                             


Item JN12                             
Miniature Mokugyo


Item JS1                             $850
STEM AND SEED POD OF A LOTUS - has seeds that move in and out - circa 1880.


Item JS2                                $825
DEER HORN Rat on rice bale - small mouse moves in and out - circa 1820


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